I’ve had my TS for about 6 years and LOVE it!! I received mine courtesy of my mother-in-law who originally purchased it for my father-in-law. I use it full-time. We continue to be impressed with how well it's made, the customer service, and support. Every time we are out we get stopped and asked about it so we always have TS cards ready to hand someone. My father recently purchased one for himself, my mother-in-law purchased another for herself, and my husband’s uncle and aunt just ordered one.

The only things we have had to replace are the seat, the back right wheel, and today the power switch and wire. The most amazing part is every time my husband calls to speak to someone they answer right away, are so helpful with the information, and get the part ordered which arrives within a couple of days. The videos online make what could be daunting tasks maintaining or replacing parts much easier. Kudos for making a product that doesn’t require it to be sent back for regular maintenance and every time there is an issue. The power switch was imperative because without it my scooter was inoperable. It was very easy and not time-consuming for my husband to replace. Happy to have my TS running again and my freedom back. Thank you for being such a phenomenal company and brand! We highly recommend and wouldn’t use anything else!

- Nicole Baxter

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Iguazu Falls

"Thought you would like this photo of my husband and me at Iguazu Falls. The tour company said we wouldn't be able to cope with it, so booked our own plane fares and hotel, took our two trusty Travelscoots, and voila! Some of the trails were marked wheelchair accessible, but of course, we also had to take the ones that weren't. One that went to the bottom of the falls was a very steep drive out, got about half-way then pushed the scooters the rest of the way, helped by some very lovely young Japanese girls. That is the beauty of them being so light-weight. Later on in the trip, at Punta Arenas on the southern tip of South America took another trip that was supposed to be beyond us - over the frozen, lumpy tundra for 2 kilometers to see a penguin colony. There isn't much our Travelscoots can't do with a bit of persuasion and patience, due to its incredibly sturdy build. We are both around the 300 lb. so we really are asking a lot of them but we are back into mainstream life and when they eventually fail we won't hesitate to replace them. They are worth every penny." 

- Christine

“Pre-knee replacement surgery, I was having trouble going any distance. Even a trip to the grocery (store) or library was extremely difficult let alone traveling anywhere - and that was my main goal after retirement. I heard about the TravelScoot from a friend but had some reservations about getting it. Was it really easy to use while traveling?  How much would it change my life?  Would it be enough to justify the cost? I chose the TravelScoot due to the testimonials on the Facebook page of everyone traveling with it. I was amazed at the everyday changes it made in my life.  Just being able to go to the library into the stacks and find books was awesome.  I couldn’t stand long enough to do that before. If you can use your feet and have the core strength for balance, it’s a terrific option.” 

- Jan Jarvies

“I am 74yrs young, I live in New Zealand.  After knee surgery, I had complications that left me with no sensation on the sole of my foot/ leg. Not being able to walk very far, I saw a man with a TravelScoot at the mall. "That's what I need," he put me onto the NZ agent and I bought one that was about 3mths ago. Love it, it gives me more independence. I can now go with family members for a walk, on holidays, or just to the Mall with my friend and enjoy it without severe nerve pain. I have given out cards to people who stop me and enquire about the TS.  I explain all the good points, i.e. weight, being able to lift it into your car and the independence it gives you. And that I love mine.” 

- Joy

"Due to injuries and arthritis and just getting old, my legs don’t work much anymore.  I can’t trust them.  I wasn’t able to do things or go places with my wife, kids, and granddaughters.  I first saw Travelscoot at church.  One of the guys had a new one and also an old type.  He let me borrow the older one for a week and I was sold.  I had a big 4 wheeler someone gave us but we couldn’t lift it in the car and the batteries hardly lasted at all.  My main reservation was the cost and if it would hold my weight ok.  I don’t spend large expenditures quickly but after much research, I decided it was best.  The lightweight, ability to take on a plane, the collapsibility, (and) the ease of getting it in and out of the car gave me my “legs” back.  I can be independent.  Went to Disney before TS and had to be pushed in a wheelchair.  Went twice with my TS and went pretty much wherever I wanted. If you can afford it, do it." 

- Phil Parsons

"I’m 60 with extreme arthritis in my knees. I was so overweight I couldn’t walk 10 meters without a rest. I never left the house. I had a brother who was admitted to the hospital. I couldn’t go see him (since) I couldn’t walk that far so I never got to see him before he died. I got a walker after this but it did no good. I just struggled. I started Googling a scooter I could handle. I need one that stayed in the car and I just took the battery inside to charge and it wasn’t heavy.  I (came across) Elizabeth Fischer’s blog post one day. Yep, this was it. I wasn’t too sure at first as I’ve had Bariatric surgery. I’m not a couch potato anymore. I’m alive. Now I’m unstoppable! Well, the pandemic has cut my wings but I’m mobile. Buy it, you won’t be sorry. If you don’t need a full-support seat, it’s for you. I love the new healthy mobile me thanks to Travelscoot, my Gem." 

- Donna Fordham

“I have degenerative disk disease as well as complications from past cancer surgery. I find it hard to walk long distances. I found the TravelScoot on the web after researching different mobility scooters. I have used scooters on cruises and found them a bit cumbersome. I wanted one that I could fold down if necessary and one that didn't weigh a ton. I love the TravelScoot! I have been able to ride it all the way to the aircraft door as well as on a cruise ship to get around. I actually finally got to see most of one of the largest cruise ships in the world. If you want the ease of use and portability this is the one to buy!”

- Vicki

"Six years ago I fell in the garden and broke my neck, this left me as an incomplete tetraplegic, I can walk a short distance. I have a little hand function. I needed something that I could lift into a car. I learned about TravelScoot from my physio. I bought it because it’s light, sturdy, suitable to travel by air, and folds up. The Travelscoot has allowed me to move about our city and not depend on anyone else being with me (independence). We have traveled around the world. One trip was New Zealand, Canada, Edmonton, Iceland, Stockholm back to New Zealand. I want to do more trips after COVID."

- David

"I have many problems due to Agent Orange from Vietnam (Diabetic) and I needed something light I could load by myself. I ran into someone who had one 5 years ago and mine has been trouble-free since I purchased it. I weigh over 300 lbs. My scooter is a lifesaver and, at our age (73), my wife wants one now. We used to share but now she needs one. Just buy one, you will never regret it." 

- James Fletcher

"I'm in my 60's and I love to travel, but traveling was getting harder and harder for me.  I would get tired after walking a few blocks, my back would ache, and then I developed rheumatoid arthritis.  I thought my traveling days were over.  I started looking at mobility scooters, but they were all quite heavy and I wanted something I could manage myself.   Enter the TravelScoot! In searching the Web, I found Elizabeth's TravelScoot blog and once I started reading all the stories I was nearly sold. I followed the link to the TravelScoot site and researched weight, cost, and portability.  I wasn't sold yet....then I saw a TravelScoot at a local farmer's market and realized it was the answer I was looking for. I did have some reservations as the cost was significant and what if I didn't like it or it didn't work for travel.  I happened to find a used TravelScoot near me and did a test drive, paid for it on the spot, and loaded it in my car. I purchased the TravelScoot due to its relatively lightweight, certainly compared to other mobility scooters, and its fold-ability. Since then, it’s been on several airlines to multiple states along with trips to the UK, France, and Spain. It's made travel possible for me. I would have had to give up traveling if it wasn't for the TravelScoot."

- Katherine Porter

“I bought one because of the great reviews and I’m not disappointed! This is the best scooter you will ever buy. Lightweight and fits in the back of my SUV. This scooter turns heads. Everywhere we go someone always asks where we got it


- Liz Williams

“Just got back last Friday evening, July 6, 2018, from my 7th Viking Cruise, 6 were river cruises and one Ocean type on the Mediterranean.  I know in their literature it indicates no mobility scooters; however, on our first cruise in 2012, I emailed their corporate headquarters with all the Travelscoot specifications, specifically that it only weighs 35lbs.  I included photos of the Travelscoot both assembled and disassembled.  What they are not allowing are the scooters that weigh in excess of 100 to several hundred pounds.  They came back granting me permission to bring it along as long as I had someone to assist with the Travelscoot i.e., my wife. So 6 years and 7 cruises later I’ve not had a minute’s problem bringing my Travelscoot on a Viking Cruise.  Without the Travelscoot, I would not be able to take any of the cruises unless I was content to stay on the boat and not do any of the excursions.  There were excursions that I could not do, the terrain being too rough or way too many steps (in excess of 100 steps) but the difficult excursions are in the minority; Viking has much easier ones as well.  While there are some young people on board the vast majority range from their late '50s to mid-’80s.  This is the demographic they cater too and they have to have leisurely excursions as well.

Thank you Travelscoot for giving the ability, once again, to travel and see the world.” 

- Peter C. Fuller

“As Annual Pass-holders, and having a cast member in the family, our Scoots get a lot of Disneyland time. After a lot of consideration, I purchased a Travelscoot sight unseen. It was a great choice! I will tell you that it is not nearly as comfortable as the large mobility scooter...but the fact that I can lift it myself to put it in and out of the van has been a godsend. Additionally it is far easier to maneuver and has a smaller footprint as I try to move through crowds. Its convenience far outweighs the reduced comfort to me.Generally speaking our scooters last about 9 hours at Disneyland, and we have never run out of power.”

- Gloria Goold 

 “I am about 450lbs and use my Scoot without the backrest because I, too, need the depth from front to back. I also have the regular seat, not the wide one, and did not get it made thicker as I find it's quite comfortable as it is and didn't want to risk it being too high and ruin the overall make of the seat.”

- Stacie Steinberg

“I have used mine at Walt Disney World for at least 10 years. When the battery is young it lasts from about 8 in the am to 11 or 12 at night. I turn the battery off while sitting, waiting in line, etc. As the battery ages it runs out faster and I have had to be pushed home. I have a new battery and last trip to Disney it was back to last all day/night.”

- Ayn Erickson

“I had rented a Drive Medical Spitfire 3 wheel in 2008 after my cancer surgery when we were to attend a conference which involved a LOT of walking, which I knew I could not do at that stage of my healing. I very much enjoyed the ease of getting around, but did not enjoy the difficulty of getting it in and out of the car, and assembling it. Nonetheless, I purchased an Invacare Lynx 3 (which I liked very well, but the battery alone was heavier than the entire Travel Scoot) in 2012 when we were going to be attending dog shows, which involved a lot of walking. It worked but had the same problem as the rental: I could not use it by myself, so I rarely used it. I wanted a sturdy, lightweight scooter which I could use on my own; one which was rated at or above my weight. I learned about the TravelScoot and watched a number of videos with its creator and was impressed. The cost of the TravelScoot was significantly more than my other Scoot (so) I hesitated. I ordered it (and) was delighted to find that I could get it into and out of our Grand Caravan on my own! I began to use it more frequently, not just for dog shows. I sometimes wish for a solid area instead of the caddy, but the caddy works well enough -- my Beagle rides there and my Dachshund rides on my lap.It makes it possible for me to do dog shows, to shop, and to get around. Two months ago, I bought a second one for my husband after he was grumbling that he could not keep up with me! Now that my husband is retired, and once Covid is less of a risk, we want to travel and do museums and so forth.”

- Marilyn

“Greatest thing ever for my son’s college campus. Fits in his dorm room, elevators, classroom. My only heartbreak is I didn't find it years ago.” 

- Cathay Davis

TravelScoot in a Scion
TravelScoot in a Scion testimonial

"What a fantastic mobility scooter. The design and construction are unparalleled compared with other scooters.  It fits in the back of my Scion IQ with only removing the seat, front-wheel, and battery. A great product!!"  - Dennis

“We have tender many times since I can still do stairs. We have found the crew laughs when they pick up the scooter to place on the tender. We have never been asked to fold it.” 

- Brian Wagner

"Let's see... What does everyone want to know about Angus*, my lovable little Travelscoot? 

First of all, I personally have known people who are 400+ pounds who can, and do ride them daily. The battery does take a hit, but the hub motor that Travelscoot uses is quite strong.

Although I have never had the joy of traveling to SanFran with Angus, I have done multiple days, all day long at WDW. I am a self-described 3L (Large Lovely Lady) and I have no problems with my Travelscoot, other than people stopping me regularly to ask what it is, and where I got it, and other similar questions. (I now just carry a stack of Travelscoot business cards; it's easier!)

It really does only weigh 35 pounds (without me, but with one battery) and in the spirit of full disclosure, I don't use the seat back (it pops off easily, and by sitting up straight I help keep my core strong, and that way I can easily get on and off like a tricycle! LOL) so I drop the handlebars, and pop it right in the back of my Kia Soul. Set the brakes, and away I go, on another adventure! In fact, in the picture below, you can see that his handlebars are down in the "travel" position, and his seat back is off; this picture was taken just before I put him in the back of my car to go run errands last year.

The entire scooter folds and breaks down to fit into a travel bag that is about the size of a golf bag. Not even kidding. When folded into their bags, we can easily put two of them in the back of my Kia Soul and still have plenty of room for luggage on top. (Disclaimer: I have one of my rear seats folded down, as we are a family of three, and don't need the fourth seat.)

I picked this model after hours and hours of research - I wanted something sturdy and it had to hold up to a FULL "Disney Day" which could easily be Rope Drop to EMH. I have an extra battery, and it's easy to "double stack" (although I rarely use the second battery, I have it with me just the same) It had to be easy to use, and have a low center of gravity, so I didn't have to worry about tumping over. I wanted some kind of storage, and the ability to customize it if I wanted to. (and I did! LED undercarriage lighting, cup holders, headlight, tail light...!) I wanted the ability to reverse (although you can also just "Fred Flinstone" it for short distances) and most importantly, I didn't want it to look like a "regular" scooter. I wanted it to be unique, and kinda cool looking.

My hubby is a mechanic for a major airline, so he knows from "aircraft-grade aluminum" - he works with the real stuff every day. He was prepared to be skeptical but is now one of the biggest fans of these little scooters. There is literally almost no maintenance; the solid tires are puncture-proof, and all you have to do is fully charge the battery overnight!

I typically run into at least one other Travelscoot owner every trip at WDW - they are super easy to travel with because everyone from Gate Agents and ground crews at the airport, to bus drivers at WDW love them; they are so lightweight and easy to deal with. The entire scooter is basically one big tie-down point for the WDW drivers; they can hook the tie-downs on almost anywhere, and they love these little guys!"


I bought my TS blind. I had an offer to go try one out but watching the videos and reading here and a few other places I just felt TS was the best choice. I got mine used but if something happened to mine, I would pay full price to get another one. I like it that much. Tony is WONDERFUL! I was in Belize and my TS had a problem. I called the states and Tony over the phone trouble shot the issue in about 15 minutes. Told me how to fix it and off I went. TS are very simple so not much goes wrong. Good bike shops can fix lots of things and the videos on the site show you how to do just about anything that might need fixing. I have had mine 3 years and LOVE IT! I live alone and walk with 2 canes at home. My “baby” stays in my car and I can get in and out on my own. The turning radius is very tight compared to others. Yesterday I had a eye doctors appointment and they were all surprised by how I could manage getting in all the places I needed to go for the extensive exam ( I have eye issues and require more than a regular exam). I can’t see myself with anything else. My friends who have tried it out, immediately say if they needed one, that will be what they will buy. My girlfriend says I am to leave the TravelScoot in my will to her, lol.

- Penny