Would you like to try the TravelScoot?

One thing that can hold customers back from ordering the TravelScoot is not being able to see one up-close. They want to know if it's a good "fit" for them. They have questions. How comfortable is the seat? How easy is it to fold? Just how light is 35 lbs exactly? Can I envision myself using the scooter as my ticket to independence for the next ten years? We get it. That's why we've come up with a couple of ways you can get your hands on one.

We have two options. One is free and the other just requires payment for shipping.

Option 1:

Elizabeth's TravelScoot Page


If you'd like to test drive a TravelScoot and are on Facebook, be sure to join the fan-run page, "Elizabeth's TravelScoot". This page was created by Elizabeth Fischer, a wonderful advocate and fan of the TravelScoot back when the TravelScoot was still fairly new. She helped many learn about the TravelScoot on her blog and later created the Facebook page to share photos and travel experiences, ask questions and discuss everything TravelScoot with others in the community. On her page, you will find owners from all around the world who've had the same questions you have. Feel free to ask the community anything about our products and you're sure to get an objective answer from those who use them on a daily basis. Want to try the TravelScoot? Just ask! There's a good chance you'll find someone near you who is willing to show you theirs. This is one of the main ways that customers receive demonstrations of the scooter. So join the community today and get to know your fellow TravelScoot neighbors. 

Option 2: (currently unavailable)
Get a TravelScoot shipped to you

Not comfortable with meeting up in person? No problem. We can ship you a new TravelScoot to be test-driven in your own home. This is the procedure:

1. You only pay $100 for us to ship a TravelScoot to you. If you decide to buy it, we'll apply the $100 shipping charge towards the purchase of the scooter. If, for some reason, the TravelScoot doesn't work out for you, pack it up via our instructions and ship it back to us at no extra charge (unless damaged or dirty). 

2. For most people, they'll know right away if the TravelScoot will be right for them. But just in case you have a hard time deciding, we'll give you three days from the time you receive the scooter to let us know if you will keep it or ship it back.

3. Since we are shipping you a new scooter, it can only be tested indoors just in case you do decide to return it.

If you are interested in getting a TravelScoot shipped to you, give us a call at 800-342-2214 for more details.