All accessories (minus the 2-in-1 Trailer) are covered with the $100 shipping cost at the time we ship your scooter. Can't decide on which accessories to get? No problem! Take your time getting to know your new scooter to determine exactly which accessories will make your life easier. We make choosing accessories stress-free by giving you one-time free shipping for 30 days from the time you receive your TravelScoot. 


The CrampBuster Throttle Assist relieves virtually all wrist fatigue while operating the TravelScoot. The Crampbuster was designed by motorcycle enthusiasts as a fatigue-reducing tool for long drives on the road. It is a rugged plastic cuff that is simple to install and has become our most popular accessory. So simple it's hard to belief how great a benefit it is.


The folding shopping basket can be mounted on either the front or rear of the TravelScoot. Perfect for errands, shopping, travel, and holding larger personal items. Anything from small pets to portable oxygen concentrators (POC). The simple and clever design allows the basket and scooter to be folded at the same time to save you space.


The basket dimensions are 13" wide, 8.6" deep, and 8.6" in height.

Weighs 3 lbs

Holds 15 lbs



Do you need to go somewhere without your TravelScoot and don't want to leave it unattended? Our Kryptonite 512 Keeper is the perfect lock for keeping your scooter safe and secure. Because the TravelScoot is so lightweight, using a traditional ignition key would render the key useless. A thief can literally run off with the scooter and call the manufacturer for a new key. Simply attach the cable lock on either rear fork and remove your battery. The thief would have to either cut the cable lock using heavy-duty bolt cutters or use two Allen wrenches to remove the wheel assembly, both of which are highly conspicuous are very unlikely. 

The Two-in-one Trailer $579 +shipping

Our two-in-one trailer is perfect for those who want to bring a friend along on their adventures or load up the flatbed for hauling. The trailer converts into either the flatbed or tandem seat. includes a trailer hitch assembly, flatbed trailer, complete seat assembly, bungee cords, and handlebar post. 

TravelScoot 274 airline-approved lithium-ion battery

Spare 274 Wh battery $755

Need another battery? No problem! All TravelScoot batteries are compatible with each other and can be stacked on top of one another (only one battery can be plugged in at a time).

TravelScoot 151 lithium-ion battery accessory

Spare 151 Wh battery $615  

Need another battery? No problem! All TravelScoot batteries are compatible with each other and can be stacked on top of one another (only one battery can be plugged in at a time).

TravelScoot 420 lithium-ion battery

Spare 420 Wh battery $895

Need another battery? No problem! All TravelScoot batteries are compatible with each other and can be stacked on top of one another (only one battery can be plugged in at a time).


The TravelScoot is the only mobility scooter on the market that offers a suspension seat post for a premium riding experience. While the TravelScoot seat is amply padded with two inches of foam, the suspension seat post offers an even greater level of comfort. Its shock-absorbing capabilities greatly soften the ride on rough terrain such as cobblestones, bumpy sidewalks, and dirt trails. Available in two weight ranges; 115 lbs to 190 lbs, and from 191 lbs to 285 lbs. It must be installed by the customer. Please specify the rider's weight upon ordering. Additional seat, yoke, and backrest are not included. This accessory is non-returnable. 


There is nothing worse than planning a long vacation and forgetting your charger (you wouldn't believe how often we get panicked calls on a Friday evening with this same issue)! The Travel Set was designed specifically to be an easily identifiable, dedicated battery and charger bag. Whether you use the Travel Set bag or a plain bag, it is absolutely essential for your travel needs. The Travel Set consists of a carrying bag that will fit up to three batteries and the charger as well as a handlebar cover that protects the controls of the TravelScoot to prevent damage caused by careless airline baggage handlers.

Flat Footplates $36 (pair)

The TravelScoot flat footplates provide comfortable support for riders who can not bend their knees (e.g. rigidity or leg in a cast, etc.) or have particular issues with their feet. The support plates are installed by sliding them over the footrests – no tools required. They adapt automatically to the rider’s leg angle. 

Threshold Ramp $95

The Threshold Ramp is for individuals who have trouble getting over doorway thresholds or small European curbs. It measures 31.75" W, 1.75" H, 3.25" L

Cruise Set $89 (basket included)

The TravelScoot is a dream on cruise ships, but anyone who has experienced a cruise with a mobility scooter knows that certain challenges like opening doors or eating from the buffet can be a hassle. The Cruise Set will make your onboard experience more enjoyable. It includes the collapsible folding basket, buffet tray with hinges for easy access to your basket, a lanyard with an attached doorstop, and a suction cup for securing the doorstop. Tray color may vary.

accessories 2.jpg

Spare Front Wheel and Fork $120

Were you in an accident and damaged your fork or front wheel? The good news is you don't have to buy a new motor and controller. The front wheel can be swapped with the push of a button. It's that simple! The Wide Front Wheel and Fork is also compatible with the older versions of the TravelScoot Deluxe that came with the thinner front wheel. The only model it is not compatible with is the Shopper.

accessories 3.jpg

Spare Battery Charger ($75)

Our charger will work on any TravelScoot Lithium-ion battery purchased from TravelScoot USA.