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Why TravelScoot?



The TravelScoot mobility scooter has been around since 2004. The first model, with drive-belt configuration and sealed lead acid batteries, is still used by many customers today; and yes, we still service them! There’s a reason for this. Our scooters have outlasted the competition as a result of their superior quality in materials, design, and craftsmanship. The Travelscoot was created to help individuals regain their independence. Therefore, it needed to be made of the absolutely lightest materials.


All TravelScoot models are made from TIG-welded, heat-treated, aircraft-grade 7005 aluminum. Almost all other mobility scooters in production today are made using cheaper materials and methods.

⃰TIG-welding is much stronger, cleaner, and aesthetically pleasing than the more common MIG welds found on virtually every other mobility scooter made today. Although TIG welding is more costly due to the high level of skill required, you can be confident that when you buy the TravelScoot, you will own the strongest mobility scooter on the market due to its incredible 10:1 strength-to-weight ratio!


The secret to our scooters' strength, in addition to using the best materials and welds, is our one-of-a-kind triangular design. It's quite simple; a triangle is much stronger at sustaining heavy loads than a two-point design. Using a triangular design distributes weight is more evenly to the entire area of the scooter frame as opposed to having the entire load supported by nothing but the rear welds on a T-framed scooter. This is why our warranty weight limit is the highest you can find among lightweight mobility scooters.


TravelScoot is also one of the very few companies that is dedicated to ongoing innovation. Our inventor, Hardy Huber, has relentlessly pursued one goal: to have the absolute lightest mobility scooter while being the most practical, functional, and simplistic as possible. Here's a quick timeline of TravelScoot's design improvements over the years:

2004 - The belt-drive model was released and began to rise in popularity.

2006 - The 2nd generation TravelScoot integrated wide wheels with an increased load capacity.

2007 - We were one of, if not the first, mobility scooter company to develop Lithium-ion batteries to reduce the overall weight by 30% while increasing the range by 40%.

2009 - We were the only company to release customized mobility scooter options for Little People and children. 

2011 - The TravelScoot trailer was introduced.

2013 - The 3rd generation TravelScoot is developed with a hub-drive motor with reverse functionality.

2013 - The Shopper (now the Cruiser) debuted, a scooter that we believe no other company will ever be able to duplicate. Its frame weight is an astonishing 18.5 lbs.! 

2014 - The Convertible Trailer with the ability to carry an additional passenger was available.

2015 - The Auxiliary Battery tray was released for individuals who cannot bend over easily.

2016 - Suspension seat post options became available.

2017 - The Cruise Set was released.

2018 - A new wide front wheel became available and was soon implemented on all Deluxe model TravelScoots.

2021 - The 4th generation TravelScoot was born, with an improved step-over height and simplified folding mechanism. This model now allows us to manufacture one frame that can be adapted to people of all sizes. Manufacturing a single frame instead of multiple ones will allow our customers the option to convert the Cruiser model to the Escape model, and vise versa, by simply changing out the wheels!

2022 - A brand new lineup of accessories were released: the extension seat post, extension footrest, the front and rear Smart Luggage Kits, and the Switch Yoke.





Almost all other mobility scooters on the market today are cheaply made devices manufactured in China and are available from large retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, and other large mobility distributors. These sellers are not focused on customer service before or after the sale, and offer little-to-no technical assistance. Many of our new customers switched to the TravelScoot because they previously bought a cheap scooter which was much heavier than they thought and/or couldn't get the support they needed due to the poor quality in materials. We realize that our mobility scooters are used by people who depend on them daily. Our customers need a scooter of the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, built to last with a design focused on carrying heavy loads while also being the absolute lightest electric mobility scooter on earth.


We fully support our TravelScoots through our how-to videos, phone, video conferencing, and thriving online communities. If, for whatever reason, we are not available to answer the phone right away, we return all calls within 24 hours during normal business hours. Just leave a brief message. Are you experiencing an issue with your scooter? No problem! We want our customers to feel truly independent, and have provided an easy way for them to do the work themselves. This saves much time and money so you don't have to wait weeks to communicate with the manufacturer or make expensive shipping arrangements sending the scooter back and forth. We also offer our customers live video conferencing to provide step-by-step assistance with set-up and repairs, all from the comfort of your home. Our goal is to support all our scooters, even discontinued models.



Materials, quality, and a drive to develop additional innovative design improvements are the reasons that the TravelScoot is often inherited by relatives or friends when the scooter, sooner or later, outlasts its owner. It is a mobility scooter truly worthy of heirloom status that has lasted, and will continue to last, many generations to come.