The TravelScoot has been around since 2004 and, as you can imagine, there are thousands of them in circulation. However, because of the superior build quality and exceptional materials, our customers hold on to their scooters for a long time so they don't tend to go on sale very often. When they do become available, we get many questions regarding our different models, size differences, and so forth. This page was designed to help you determine if a used TravelScoot is right for you and should answer most questions if you are looking to buy or sell used.

Model Type

There are currently two models of the TravelScoot in circulation: the Deluxe and the Shopper. Both come in full-size and junior sizes but the Deluxe model, depending on the year, may have a different drive train. Older models of the TravelScoot, from 2004 thru 2013, came in a belt configuration. By the middle of 2013, all TravelScoots were equipped with a hub motor configuration, which removed the belt and incorporated an "internal" motor located inside the rear-left wheel. Whether it's older or newer, the Deluxe weighs essentially the same.

Deluxe Belt-drive model


Drivetrain -

The Belt-drive version of the TravelScoot is easy to spot. It has a brown belt (very old models came with a black belt) over the left-rear wheel and a black motor located in front of the wheel. The motor also houses the controller.

Brakes - 

The belt-drive version also comes with brake pads instead of the brake bands on the newer models. The brake levers are all silver as opposed to the black and silver-colored levers on the hub version.

Wheels -

Because the belt is attached to the rear wheel via "teeth", the wheels and tires are different from the current version of the Deluxe. Both the hub-version and belt-drive models came with a front wheel that measures 200 x 50 in size. This front wheel is smaller than the current front-wheel which comes with the current Deluxe TravelScoot which measures 200 x 75. However, the new wide front wheel fits on both the hub and belt-drive models.

Throttle -

The belt-drive version of the TravelScoot does not have reverse. Instead, it consists of an on/off switch and throttle with a printed circuit board (pcb). Riders must use their feet to push themselves backwards on the belt-drive version.

Deluxe Hub-drive model

For information on the hub-drive model, please visit our home page by clicking here.

The Shopper

For information on the Shopper model, please visit our shopper page by clicking here.

Battery Type

Before you buy a used TravelScoot, the most important detail is the age of the battery. There is no point in saving money on a used scooter if you have to buy a new battery ($615-$899) two weeks later. Many have come to us with buyer's remorse because they thought they were buying a newer scooter from someone only to find out that their "new" battery was not in working order. Here are some of the main batteries sold over the years with the approximate dates they were sold.

Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) 


The SLA battery was the first battery that came with the launch of the TravelScoot in 2004, before Lithium-ion batteries were a thing. The SLA battery was discontinued in 2018. If you see a scooter with this battery, do not throw it away! You can remove the cells and replace them with new ones from any battery store (TravelScoot USA will not supply them). The SLA weighs 17 lbs., but due to the low cost of replacement cells, its a great option for those in need of a backup battery. 

Lithium-ion Gold Aluminium


The creation of the gold-plated Lithium-ion TravelScoot battery was a giant leap forward in the mobility scooter industry as it was the first to incorporate an ultra-lightweight battery option that was airline-approved (283.5 Wh). Weighing in a 5 lbs., it was small and light enough to fit in your purse. This battery released in 2007 but was discontinued in 2012.

Lithium-ion Silver Aluminium


The 183.5 Wh silver-plated Lithium-ion battery, not to be confused with our current 420 Wh battery, replaced the gold-plated battery in 2012. The size and weight are the same as the gold-plated battery and was discontinued in 2015.

Current Batteries


To learn more on our current battery lineup, please click here.

Frequently asked questions

Can you convert a belt-drive TravelScoot to a hub-drive scooter? 

No. Everything is slightly different on both scooters and therefore will not accommodate the updated parts.

Can you look up who owned this scooter before me?

We can but we won't due to privacy laws. What we may be able to tell you is the year the scooter was made if you give us the serial number found above the front wheel (it usually begins with a "TS").

Is the scooter I am looking at a Jr or a Full-size TravelScoot?

If your yoke looks like this, then you have a Jr model. If not, it's the full-size version.

What is this scooter worth?

One great thing about buying a TravelScoot is that they hold their value well. It is very hard, however, to determine how much each used scooter is worth. In the end, it's up to the buyer and how much they are willing to pay for a TravelScoot. Factors such as location, shipping costs, battery condition, etc., will vary with each scooter, therefore, we cannot give an accurate cost. Generally, anywhere from $500 to $1,500 is what they are usually listed for.