Pre-order Updates

Thanks so much for patiently waiting for your scooter to arrive as we all deal with the effects of worldwide shipping difficulties due to the pandemic. Good news, however. We already received our first shipment of backorders and we are doing the final assembly. We have turned off our phones to expedite this process. If you ordered before 10/15/21 then you can expect to receive a phone call from TravelScoot USA as early as November 29th. If you ordered after 10/15/21 then your scooter will arrive towards the end of the year or early 2022 as our next shipment is on its way now. Keep in mind that there will be individuals who, for whatever reason, do not buy the TravelScoot and your name may be moved up on the list as a result. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email us at

Thanks again for choosing the world's lightest mobility scooter!