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Referral Program

It's not a matter of if you'll be stopped, but when. 



Most of our customers, like you, only hear about the TravelScoot by word of mouth. People will see you easily loading or unloading your scooter into your vehicle, watch you joyriding on a cruise, or driving the TravelScoot to the door of an airplane to hand off to someone, and they will have many questions for you. We are thrilled to know that the majority of you love to share your thoughts and experiences with others, but just in case you don't have the time (or are tired of your newfound popularity among strangers), we include a stack ofreferral cards with every order we ship out. Just put your name on them and hand them out to those who stop you. If you run out of cards, put your name on your battery and have them take a picture of it next to our contact info.

If they decide to buy a TravelScoot and give us your name at checkout, we'll send you either $25 of in-store credit or a $20 eGift card as a thank-you.

Making new friends has never been more rewarding!