Lighter, Stronger, Farther

TravelScoot lithium-ion battery cover photo

The battery functions as the gas tank of the scooter and doesn't affect its speed or performance. All of our scooters go 4.7 mph but the top speed can be reduced to 3.1 mph upon request. TravelScoot lithium-ion batteries are made of 100% Panasonic cells, housed in either a Sabic C6600 or Aluminium casing. Our airline-approved batteries feature a UL 94-5VB flame rating, are high impact resistant, and bromine and chlorine-free.


TravelScoot 151 battery highlight
7-10 mpc

Weighing in at a mere 3 lbs, the 151 was designed for heavily-restrictive countries such as mainland China and Cuba, which prohibit any Lithium-ion batteries above 160 Wh. Great for traveling through multiple airports on a single charge.


TravelScoot 274 battery highlight
13-16 mpc

Our most popular battery, the 274 gives you the most bang for your buck. At 4 lbs, it was designed to last the most demanding site-seeing tours around the world. Perfect for the Louvre or Disneyland.


TravelScoot 420 battery highlight
16-21 mpc

Dubbed the Long-Ranger and our only battery not airline-approved, it is designed to go the distance when you need it the most. At 5 lbs, the Smithsonian shouldn't be a problem.

*Miles per charge (mpc) was measured on a flat-paved surface at full throttle. Actual mileage will depend on weight, terrain, incline, and throttle use.


“I take mine to Disneyland and California Adventure Park all day and have never run out of juice.”  Carl Morrison (FB 11/11/19)

Battery Installation

Additional battery information:

Charge time: 6 hours on empty
Lifespan: 4-6 years
Warranty: 2-year prorated